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American Indian art and jewellery

Original native American Indian art is really rare to find!
We offer hand-made jewellery made by Indian artists, original American Indian fine art and artifacts from the reservations in the Southwest of the USA.

A legend in silver and turquoise – these contrasts combined form into a great piece of art. This is a challenge for each Navajo silversmith. They often leave the stones in their natural shape. Thus they develop jewellery of an extraordinary size and beauty.

Navajo turquoise jewellery
Automatically we connect the Navajo jewellery with the once so free life of the North American Indians, who celebrate the turquoise as "stone of life" and therefore see it as talisman in every situation. Bracelets, pendants, rings and Bolo ties are desired pieces of jewelry- for men as well as for women.

Hopi silversmithing
Its elegance and symbolism make it so special. Illustrations from times long gone are again very interesting for us. Many of these signs originally come from the Prophecy Stone, the holy rock in the Hopi reservation. Symbols of power and protection such as bear and eagle, or the humpbacked flute player mark this decoration on sterling silver.

Zuni jewellery
Abstract beauty in form and color, are both: modern and traditional at the same time. This mosaic work made of different semi-precious stones is handiwork created by artists of the Zuni Indians in New Mexico.

Silver and gem jewellery
Are YOU looking for something special for someone special? We offer gifts in different price ranges! Find your favorite in our selection of unique pieces of art!Come in and let us surprise you!


American Indian art and jewellery

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